Pianist Blair McMillen heads into the studio this month to record a signature piece: Morton Feldman’s Triadic Memories.  

It was this work which Alex Ross hailed at a 2011 Bargemusic performance:
“McMillen draws softly glowing pianissimos from his instrument, and in the opening bars he brings out more of a rhythmic lilt than do most of his recorded predecessors — almost a jazzy bounce. He has an acute feeling for those remarkable passages in which Feldman strips everything down to a unison line or even to bell-like soundings of single notes. And McMillen applies just the right amount of pedal, so that the music is enveloped in a slight mist while remaining crystalline. I hope he has a chance to record the piece: his view is one that I’d like to have in my library…”
(Read the full review on The Rest is Noise.)

That chance Alex Ross hoped for has arrived — keep your ears open for more information from us soon about the recording’s upcoming release.

In other news, McMillen returns to the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra as a programmer and performer.  He’s curated a program of contemporary music for the SPCO’s Chamber Music Series, and will join SPCO musicians for Steve Reich’s Double Sextet, John Adams’s Road Movies and a new work from McMillen’s fellow Grand Band member, Paul Kerekes — as well as take a solo turn in Frederic Rzewski’s Winnsboro Cottonmill Blues.  Learn about the full program here.

Learn more about this extraordinary  musician’s current season and 2014/15 recital programs here, and be sure to check out Ariel’s block booking page for his availability.

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Posted on October 24th, 2013 by Emily Motherwell

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