In a fall season shaped by characteristically distinctive collaborations, Friction Quartet is playing numerous world premieres and offering live accompaniment to creative productions.

Last month Friction won acclaim for a six-show run of “A Show of Hands” with Garrett + Moulton Productions, featuring a new live score by fellow-San Franciscan composer Dan Becker.  The production, which included visual art by Charles Moulton and choreography by Janice Garrett, explored the expressivity of human hands through dance, visual art, and music.   Look to the right for a link to Ariel’s newest blog post, Art Amidst Life, by Dan Becker himself, in which he details the development of the production, and click here for a video interview with artist Charles Moulton and choreographer Janice Garrett.

“Hands down, an artistic success and bargain for diverse audience.” – Allan Ullrich, The San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 21, 2013

Friction kicked off November with a concert of world premieres, performing five new works written by Daniel Felsenfeld, Rafael Hernandez,  Mark Ackerley, Erik DeLuca, and Noah Luna, whose work, “The Highwayman” featured Friction with tenor Brian Thorsett. (Read a bit about the concert in the San Francisco Examiner.)

Next month Friction tours to the University of California Riverside, California State University Long Beach, and CSU Monterey Bay, playing Ginastera’s String Quartet No. 2, a world premiere of a new work by Lanier Sammons, and other new works.  They will also offer special student composer readings at each school.

Check out Friction’s dynamic performing style in some recent recordings here, and learn about their official program offerings here.

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Posted on November 21st, 2013 by Emily Motherwell

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