Trombone quartet The Guidonian Hand brought their spring season to a breathtaking finale with a multidisciplinary art experience entitled “Morphing Me,” a MADArt Creative performance that premiered at the Flamboyán Theater CSV Cultural Center in Manhattan on May 24, 2013.

The performance was a feast of light, form, color, movement, and of course music. Inspired by the morphing nature of the waterfront, MADArt director and “Morphing Me” artistic designer Santino Lo built a water installation with ultraviolet light and fluorescent enhanced water, with the water appearing to glow from within. Based on the installation, MADArt resident choreographer Lauren Camp created a dance piece to music performed by Guidonian Hand and composed by ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award winner Jeremy Howard Beck. To enrich the work with additional visual arts components, Colombian artist Leo Castaneda exhibited his illusionistic abstract paintings and worked with Lo to design the moving environment.

The Guidonian Hand’s performance of Beck’s music was not the first such collaboration: bandmates Mark Broschinsky, Will Lang, Sebastian Vera, and James Rogers have worked with Beck as their composer-in-residence on multiple pieces including 2011’s “Awakening”, and in 2012 received an American Composer’s Forum grant to support continued collaboration.

The collaboration has further cemented both the musicians’ and the composer’s growing reputation as leaders in contemporary classical music – and, in particular, heralds of the reemergence of the trombone as a dynamic and powerful element of that world.

Highlights from “Morphing Me” can be viewed on The Guidonian Hand’s website and on the Sinovision Journal website. Please enjoy the videos and stay tuned for news about future performances and premieres by our favorite trombone quartet!

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Posted on July 4th, 2013 by arielartists

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