The rush of exciting premieres continues on the Ariel Artist roster as janus trio takes the stage at Princeton University tonight to unveil their newly commissioned work from composer Paul Lansky, “Book of Memory.” Using William Blake’s poem “Song: Memory, hither come” as his text, incorporating singing as well as percussive elements, and making use of very traditional harmonic and contrapuntal language, Lansky creates a piece that is as much a look back as it is a look forward, and a perfect fit for the similarly double-facing Roman god Janus, after whom the janus trio takes their name. The group received a commission grant for the piece last year from Chamber Music America.

Also on the program will be a revised edition of Cenk Ergün‘s (pictured above) piece “An,” also written for janus. The composer shares the following insight into this 2005 commission: “The essence of the piece lies in the minute differences between each sound produced by each instrument. The differences are magnified by use of minimal musical material placed sparsely in time. These deceivingly similar events of sound stand in time like a school of fish does in water, each fish a unique entity when examined closely.”

All in all, another amazing evening of music!

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Posted on November 20th, 2012 by mattparish

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