If on a Winter’s Night…travels through musical landscapes

Join the chimerical, quicksilver Jenny Q Chai at (le) Poisson Rouge on Tuesday, January 21 for a characteristic program journeying through the landscape of Western music from Bach to Marco Stroppa, interleaving miniatures by Kurtág along the way.  (See full program details on the Facebook event here.)
Watch Jenny play Stroppa’s Ninnananna here.
Doors open at 6:30pm, show begins at 7:30pm. For those not in NYC, watch the live stream of Jenny’s concert here.
“Panoptic Piano”
Jenny Q Chai’s “Panoptic Piano” project illuminates a new view of piano as an evolving instrument, growing outward into other modes of expression such as electronics, visual art, and literature.
For a full description, sound samples, and much more, please visit the Panoptic Piano project page here.


14/15 Tour Dates
Jenny Q Chai is touring China, North and South America in 2014/15.
Here are the regional tours we are currently developing:

July 15-31, 2014 – China
Sep 15-30, 2014 – California
Oct 1-15, 2014 – Florida & Cuba
Oct 15-21, 2014 – Mexico
Oct 22-31, 2014 – Brazil
March 15-31, 2015 – Midwest
April 1-15, 2015 – East Coast

To join a tour OR to start a new tour to your state or region, please email artist representative Nate Trueblood .


More to Explore!

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Debussy, Cage, LigetiLes Adieux: The Backwards Glance
Schoenberg, Webern, Berg, Beethoven, Schumann

Acqua Alta (High Water)
Scarlatti, Gibbons, Marco Stroppa, Debussy, Ravel, Liszt, Nils Vigeland, Cage

Dissecting Stroppa
Lecture-recital on piano cycle Miniature Estrose by Marco Stroppa

Listen to Jenny’s mp3s and watch Jenny’s videos here.
Learn about Jenny’s talks and masterclasses here.
See the new photos in Jenny’s gallery here.

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