Described by Sergio Assad as “the most inventive and exciting young guitar ensemble today,” Mobius Trio‘s mission is to use the most popular, ubiquitous instrument in the world — the guitar — to create a new lexicon of music; one that freely combines the varied influences of musicians who grew up with unfettered access to the world’s entire musical library.

Mobius’ extraordinary exploration of guitar idioms across all aspects of American culture (classical, punk, bebop, metal, folk, hardcore, and many other genres) gained the attention of the U.S. Embassy in Brazil, and landed them the enormous honor of an invitation to tour Brazil this June as American artistic ambassadors. Not only will they bring their multifaceted American guitar mastery to the country (watch some of their performance videos here), but they will also participate in a cultural exchange, performing collaboratively with Brazilian musicians and musical institutions across the country, forging long-term partnerships for future explorations and cross-cultural dialogue.

At the moment, Mobius is in the midst of an exciting U.S. tour across the Midwest and South. They kicked off the tour in their hometown of San Francisco with a sold out Kronos Festival concert, and next perform in Jackson, MS, Saint Paul, MN, and Mt. Vernon, IL. Browse all of their tour dates here. Looking forward, they continue to bend genres and perform a half-classical, half-electric guitar concert at Chautauqua this July. Their inventive programming and collaborative curiosity have netted the Trio a number of new commissions and projects in future seasons.

Their newest collaboration is the world premiere of Aaron Gervais’s stunning evening-length work, Prescription Drug Nationfrom April 13-16 in San FranciscoOriginally composed as music for dance in collaboration with Here Now Dance Collective and choreographer Michelle Fletcher, the performance is a tour-de-force of rotating electric, steel, and classical guitars. Available with or without the dance collaboration, the work consists of six musical portraits on the side effects of some of the most commonly over-prescribed prescription drugs – Adderall, Ambien, Xanax, Prozac, Vicodin, and Viagra. Watch three of the profoundly insightful movements here.

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Learn more about Mobius’ 17/18 concert offerings, which include Prescription Drug Nation, in addition to the following options:

Guitaristic Genre Omnipresence
( a l l   c l a s s i c a l )
with works by Ravel, Joaquin Rodrigo, Brendon Randall-Myers, Anthony Porter, Sergio Assad
Dark Matter
( a l l   e l e c t r i c )
with works by Samuel Adams, Nick Vasallo, Mario Godoy, Ryan Brown, Adrian Knight, Joseph Colombo
Home Base
( a l l   c l a s s i c a l )
with works by Robert Nance, Paul Psarras, Belinda Reynolds, Ravel, Brendon Randall-Myers, Anthony Porter, Sergio Assad
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To inquire about these programs or to learn about Mobius Trio’s availability and block booking periods, please contact Director of Artist Representation Nina Moe.
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Browse Mobius Trio’s artist page (where you can listen to more videos and audio clips).Join Mobius on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, and visit their website,

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