Our intrepid trombone quartet, The Guidonian Hand, performs Eve Beglarian‘s inspiring new “River Project” this Saturday night (Jan. 21) at the Abrons Arts Center in New York City.  In what’s sure to be a moving exploration of Beglarian’s impressions of the country’s original slow-moving superhighway, Guidonian hand will perform with violinist Mary Rowell and Loadbang in this first night’s program, “The Night of the Sirens,” (“…in which the harsh sound of a warning alarm in Plaquemine, Louisiana, is electronically deconstructed alongside a plaintive text by Rilke about returning home after a long journey without any words to describe it,” says the Abrons).  Subsequent programs on January 27th and 28th include performances by Newspeak, Taylor Levine, and Malcomb J. Merriweather.

Check our event page for more details.

The event was featured in the current New Yorker!

“In the autumn of 2009, Beglarian, long an influential New York composer, undertook a kind of personal W.P.A. project—travelling the Mississippi River by bicycle and kayak and absorbing the sights and sounds of Middle America along the way. The result is a three-evening work of “experimental Americana…””


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Posted on January 17th, 2012 by mattparish

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