Our latest report from the ever-curious Rhonda Sider Edgington finds the incredible organist playing host to a number of fun developments in the world of pipes and stops.  Edgington, who performs next month in Chicago at the Holy Name Cathedral, left her home in Holland, Michigan to visit the big city environs of Lansing for this year’s American Institute of Organbuilders annual conference (next year marks the organization’s 40th conference!).

Afterwards, she hosted close friend and organbuilder John Boody (of Taylor and Boody Organs) back in Holland.  Says Edgington: ‘The kids and I took him to see Windmill Island.  He enjoyed explaining to my ever curious son how the windmill works, and was impressed with our authentic Dutch street organ, which he said was ‘a good one.’”

But perhaps the biggest news of all is the Edgington is about to attend her first rock concert ever next week — Bob Dylan in Grand Rapids, thanks to birthday tickets from her husband and his parents!

An organ fiend could do worse for a first dip into the rock world.  After all, where would Dylan be without Al Kooper’s skills (or self-professed lack thereof) on the Hammond organ?



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Posted on November 6th, 2012 by mattparish

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