One of the most unique aspects of being a world-class organist is the wide world of other people’s instruments that one comes across through travels and performances.  Our own Rhonda Sider Edgington has amassed a cathedral full of knowledge and experience about organs from a wide variety of backgrounds, and she’s always eager to share her findings with us.

She recently dropped in on the Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids, Mich., where she gave a performance on their huge 138-rank organ from Allen Organs.

A few days later, she traveled to Holland, Mich. to give a presentation to its chapter of the American Guild of Organists.  She says:

I put together a Power Point with lots of photos from churches and organs where I spent lots of time playing, recordings of myself playing historic organs in Geramny, as well as a recording of myself before I went to Germany (so we could compare and contrast!). I also played two pieces live for the group as well, and discussed how I have changed musically because of the time I spent in Germany.

Then, last weekend, she traveled to Staunton, Va. to perform at the Trinity Episcopal Church there. This performance included a performance on the church’s Taylor and Boody organ, whose maker also hosted her that weekend!

John Boody hosted me for the weekend, and showed me around the Taylor and Boody shop, (which was fascinating!), and took me to see a few others of their instruments in the area.  It was great fun to be able to see and play some really wonderful organs, that reminded me a lot of the instruments I played during my time in Germany, since John Boody and his partner George Taylor count North German organ building as one of their great influences.  

Rhonda has several more performances this spring — stay tuned for updates on what kinds of incredible instruments she uncovers next…

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Posted on March 1st, 2012 by mattparish

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