We are delighted to welcome the fantastically talented, wonderfully adventurous Mobius Trio to Ariel Artists.

Described by the eminent Sergio Assad as “the most inventive and exciting young guitar ensemble today,” Mobius Trio aims to use the most popular, ubiquitous instrument in the world — the guitar — to create a new lexicon of music; one that freely combines the varied influences of musicians who grew up with unfettered access to the world’s entire musical library.

To accomplish this, they collaborate with composers and other musicians – including Samuel Carl Adams, Adrian Knight, Dan Becker, Nick Vasallo, and others – to commission pieces that reflect this beautiful musical schizophrenia:  “classical,” punk, bebop, metal, folk, hardcore, and many other genres form the DNA of this music, in which the walls between genres cease to exist and old dichotomies start to unravel.

Watch Mobius in action, performing the virtuosic neo-Persian stylings of Iranian composer Sahba Aminikia, one of the featured composers on their all-acoustic “San Francisco” program.

Now enjoy a video premiere of Mobius communing with electric guitar feedback in a March 14, 2014 performance of Nick Vasallo’s metal-influenced work, Dark Matter, at Cal Poly. (And check out the excellent coverage of this performance in this month’s I Care If You Listen magazine.)

Visit their websitelisten to other recent performances, and browse through their current offerings on their Ariel page to learn more about this charismatic young guitar trio.

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Posted on April 11th, 2014 by Emily Motherwell

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