West Shore Piano Trio’s groundbreaking “200 Years of Women Composers” program, offered for the 2013/2014 season, is a celebration of female composers from the past two centuries. One program work in particular, Rebecca Clarke’s 1921 composition Piano Trio, has become the music behind “The Divide,” a new collaboration with Washington, D.C. dance company DancEthos. “The Divide” was choreographed by DancEthos Artistic Director and Founder Tiffany Haughn (also the sister of West Short Piano Trio’s violinist Heather Haughn) and premiered at Washington, D.C.’s Dance Place November 10 and 11, with additional live performances scheduled in 2013.

Rebecca Clarke’s Piano Trio, already a masterpiece in its own right, achieves a special resonance when combined with the movement of human bodies. Tiffany Haughn was inspired by the piece to explore gender biases in modern society, and so began an utterly kinetic collaboration between the two groups of artists. The three-part dance piece uses the lush and volatile soundscapes of Clarke’s piece to heighten the choreography’s own sense of passion, challenge, and exploration, depicting a world with no gender bias juxtaposed with the reality of gender differences, communication barriers between genders, and gender stereotypes and the impact of gender role reversals.

After the November premiere, the collaboration proved so successful that both groups are currently brainstorming ideas for a full concert collaboration in upcoming seasons –  sure to be an amazing performance!

The next performance of “The Divide” will take place at the Atlas INTERSECTIONS Festival in Washington D.C. on February 23. The work is part of DancEthos’ larger Voice(s) program and will be performed alongside two other pieces, “Voice(s) on the Hook” and “Listen”.

Clarke’s Piano Trio is but one of several remarkable pieces that West Shore Piano Trio is offering as part of the “200 Years of Women Composers” program; others include Stacy Garrop’s Seven for piano trio (1997-1998), Louise Farrenc’s Piano Trio in Eb, Op. 33 (1850-1855), and Jennifer Higdon’s Piano Trio (2003).

We urge you to take advantage of every opportunity to see these talented artists at work!

Attend “The Divide” on February 23.

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Posted on December 20th, 2012 by Ariel Artists

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