Berlin Counterpoint offers:

PANIC AND THE MAGICAL TONE: An adventurous concert for young ears

Countless legends surround the history of wind instruments, like the shepherd god Pan, who played the flute more beautifully than anyone else in heaven or on earth. It is said he could elicit the sound of a flute from any pipe or vessel! But since the Earth became inhabited by humans, the gods were forced to withdraw back to heaven. All of the lambs and lions listened to Pan’s infatuating flute playing, and his panic-generating cry remained only as a memory.

As untiring researchers, our six musicians set off to search for Pan’s magical sound. Every reed and tube is explored to see if that unknown magic sound can be created. In a dialogue-based concert in which the young listeners are encouraged to participate in the fundamentals of instrument making, they generate sounds on wood and brass instruments. Curious flute overtones, bamboo clarinets, ocarinas, and oboes made from drinking straws are used. Every tube and every hose is researched so that someday we might find the magic instrument that drives all enemies to flight while both gods and people are beguiled and strangers become friends.


Short characteristic pieces and improvisations on curious wind instruments based on European Folklore, with and without piano accompaniment:

György Ligeti, Bagatelles

W.A. Mozart, Piano Quintet KV 452

and more

Duration: 45 or 60 minutes