Berlin Counterpoint is happy to share their knowledge and expertise with young instrumentalists and chamber music ensembles. Through their extensive history of performing chamber music, both together and individually, Berlin Counterpoint will explore repertoire with the students, focusing on bringing their interpretation to life by developing character and style, as well as working on more technical aspects of ensemble playing.

Master classes can range in time, but generally would be anywhere between one and two hours depending on the number of ensembles, and will focus on one movement of a work.

When to blend and when not to blend, and the art of breathing

To compliment their regular master classes, Berlin Counterpoint offers a slightly more focused lesson plan, focusing on the elements of their ensemble that are most crucial to them. Blending in music is always a relative thing, and with an instrumentation such as Berlin Counterpoint’s, it is absolutely necessary to know how to make these instruments blend when needed, and more importantly, how to celebrate the fact that they do not easily blend.

Working with groups of any instrumentation, whether winds, brass, strings, or keyboards, they will explore the essence of counterpoint, where the mixture of disparate lines of music can join together to create something greater than just a blended sound, but a sense of individuality within the music. Alongside this, they will also discuss the importance of breathing (for all instrument types) and how it can affect not just the ability to play together, but can help control the musical intentions of the ensemble as a unit.