What were people doing for entertainment before there were LPs, CDs, or iTunes?

Why was playing piano duets so hot?

What does English composer Gustav Holst have to do with Star Wars?

Wait — these sounds came from a piano?

What happens when you break the territorial boundaries of one-piano-four-hands playing?

How can you prevent fights between the two players?

How can we help give birth to new piano duets?

In this interactive and fun 45-minute program, children and young adults ages 12-18 are introduced to the history of the piano duet—from its inception to its future.

Excerpts from the following works are played during the presentation:

Ludwig Van Beethoven, 5th Symphony, arranged for piano duet

Franz Schubert, Fantasy in F-Minor

Gustav Holst, The Planets, arranged for piano duet

Allen Shawn, Hard-Edged

Urmas Sisask, The Milky Way

Tomohiro Moriyama, Let’s Play a Duet! (video)

Gabriela Lena Frank, Karnavalito from Sonata Serrana No.1