The Mirari Brass Quintet offers a variety of lecture/demonstrations on more specialized topics. These can be tailored as necessary to suit the needs of any given audience, and can be mixed and matched as well.

Alex (trumpet) will take your students through a variety of games and exercises that build creativity in style and musical expression. They will have opportunities to each be leaders, soloists, and ensemble members and learn how to communicate and collaborate with each other in an experience like none they have had before! This clinic is designed for musicians from middle school through college and can work with any group size (20-40 players is optimal). Students on any instrument or voice can participate and no prior experience in improvisation is necessary. This is not explicitly a jazz clinic—the art of improvisation crosses over all stylistic boundaries and will benefit all musicians. Band directors and music teachers will also receive Alex’s handy guide, Group Improvisation Games for the Music Classroom.

Matt (trumpet) takes your students through the essential elements of creating a beautiful sound. This class applies to all, but is especially pertinent for wind players, as the key for us is efficient and effective use of air. The students will be engaged in a number of exercises designed to maximize their lung capacity and to help develop a firm understanding of how air relates to creating a beautiful phrase on their respective instruments.

Jessie (horn) has been traveling all around the United Stated sharing Jeff Nelsen’s Fearless Performance concepts through master classes and lectures. Have you ever performed something amazingly in the practice room and then performed that same thing on stage less than optimally? Whether you are performing on stage, in the classroom, or in life, your ability to perform is essential to being excellent. Jessie will give you the tools to learn how to be Fearlessly optimal at every opportunity!

Sarah (trombone) focuses on body alignment for success. Posture, alignment, and overall fitness play an important part in a student’s musical development. Sometimes we hinder ourselves physically without even knowing it! In this master class, Sarah works with students to show them how proper alignment and basic fitness principles can help them produce beautiful music. Together, we will learn some simple stretches and postural cues that can get students on the right track. Over time, these easy stretches can prevent injury and encourage a tension-free playing style. The class includes a discussion of cardiovascular fitness and how it can benefit us as musicians.

Stephanie (tuba) believes that all successful artists are also entrepreneurs, and students, whether they realize it or not, have already started down an entrepreneurial path. We will discuss what it takes to “Make It” in music, creating great promotional materials, building a positive reputation, and connecting with audiences. Students will be given resources on how to construct a resume/CV and write a cover letter. Finally, we will take a look at the many forms a career in music can take! This class is designed for musicians from high school through graduate school, but can be applied to any student aspiring towards a career in the arts.

This demonstration class is an opportunity to share and explore how people have used and continue to use music as a part of their everyday lives. This class will demonstrate through performance the many different uses and types of music from all time periods and geographical locations, as well as sharing the inherent humanistic, unifying qualities of organized sound. As well as performance, short explanations and opportunities for audience participation allow the listener to experience sound, motion, and a myriad of cultures through a variety of musical styles, genres, and function. Information can be geared towards any age and ability demographic as the program is not only designed for music education, but also as a tool for connection across all peoples, as music is an essential part of many cultures.