Concert Offerings from Blair McMillen

Plugged In!

Steve Reich, Piano Counterpoint       
Kotoka Suzuki, Piano con Moto
Charles Dodge, Any Resemblance is Purely Coincidental  
Annie Gosfield, Lightning Slingers and Dead Ringers
Jacob ter Veldhuis, The Body of Your Dreams
Helmut Lachenmann, Guero
Douglas Geers, Sapling (written for Blair McMillen)

In Plugged In!, amplified effects, computer-generated sounds, and live electronics all combine to create a smorgasbord of experiences and otherworldly sounds. This sixty-five minute program features a virtuosic new piece written for Blair by NYC-based composer Douglas Geers, a couple of electronic-influenced piano “classics” (Lachenmann, Reich), and some humor thrown in for good measure (ter Veldhuis, Dodge).


Sonatas and (new) Interludes / 4’34

John Cage, Sonatas I-IV     
Daniel Castellanos, Interlude I
Cage, Sonatas V-VIII
Adam Zuckerman, Interlude II
Emily Lyon, Interlude III        
Cage, Sonatas IX-XII  
Lukas Olejnik, Interlude IV  
Cage, Sonatas XIII-XVI
Cage, 4’33 (choreography courtesy of the I Ching)

In Sonatas and (new) Interludes/4’34, Blair tackles two of the most iconic pieces of the 20th-century, composed by trailblazer John Cage – alongside four Interludes of  brand new prepared piano works composed by students from Bard College/Bard Conservatory of Music.  The concert concludes with a re-imagining of Cage’s iconic “4’33,” with performance choreography determined by consulting the I Ching just prior to the performance.      


The Complete Piano Works of Arnold Schoenberg

Arnold Schoenberg, 3 Klavierstücke (1894)
3 Klavierstücke, Op. 11 (1909)
6 Kleine Klavierstücke, Op. 19 (1911)
5 Klavierstücke, Op. 23 (1923)
Suite für Klavier, Op. 25 (1923)
Klavierstücke, Op. 33 (1931)

The ever-morphing musical vision of one of the most studied, respected, yet misunderstood composers of the 20th Century, Arnold Schoenberg, is encapsulated in his piano music.   From the dreamily Romantic early 3 Klavierstücke (1894) to the intellectual austerity of his late Op. 33 pieces, Schoenberg’s output for the piano shadows his fascinating evolvement as composer and musical thinker.


Two Of A Pair: Keyboard Music of Rameau and Couperin 

François Couperin, Les Moissonneurs / Les Langueurs-Tendres / Le Gazouillement  
Les Baricades Misterieuses / Les Bergeries
Jean-Phillipe Rameau, Suite in E Minor, RCT 2        
F Couperin, Le Commere / Le Moucheron / La Verneuille 
Soeur Monique / Le Turbulent
JP Rameau, Suite in D Major, RCT 3              

In the “opulent spirit” of Louis XIV and Versailles, this concert features music by the two most highly regarded French composers of the Baroque period: Jean-Philippe Rameau and François Couperin.  Both were better-known as performers and theorists in their own lifetimes – but in many ways their immense keyboard output was innovative, experimental, and forward-looking.