With the program “Among Friends,” the Delphi Trio focuses on the intimacy of conversation. The three works on the program demonstrate the dynamic nature of emotional dialogue and the rich meaning that it brings to music. Each composer featured on the program has a distinct voice: Schumann uses coded language to show his love for his wife, Chan Ka Nin uses extended techniques to create humorous speech-like effects, and Schubert uses the power of simplicity to share the poignant fragility of the human condition. Music “Among Friends” is chamber music at its best; one of the most important aspects of both music and friendship is the ability to share our inner emotional worlds with each other.

Robert Schumann, Trio No. 2 in F Major, oOp. 80
Chan Ka Nin, Among Friends
Franz Schubert, Trio No. 2 in Eb Major, Op. 100