This program is a new-music experience of energy juxtaposition. Using John Adams’s mellow minimalist masterpiece Phrygian Gates as a center of gravity, “Caffeinated!/Calmative…” veers between the hypnotic Adams, the much higher-octane (Felsenfeld, Mellits, Tanaka), and other works (Kaefer, Rzewski) that oscillate between the super-stimulating and the supremely soothing.


Works to be performed on the “Caffeinated! / Calmative…” program include:

Daniel Felsenfeld, Toscanini’s Glasses
Marc Mellits, Two Etudes
“Medieval Induction”
“Defensive Chili”
John Adams, Phrygian Gates
John Kaefer, Time Capsule I
“Image is Fading”
“Areas of Loss”
“As I Open Fire”
“In the Wake”
Karen Tanaka, Three Techno Etudes
Frederic Rzewski, from 4 North American Ballads
“Down by the Riverside”
“Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues”