Built around a set of beautiful, sprawling, cosmically meditative pieces like Nick Vasallo’s Dark Matter and Joseph Colombo’s Initial Darkness, the eponymous program shows that Mobius Trio can create beautiful, mind-expanding music on whatever version of the guitar is in their hands. In this case, each piece is composed for electric guitars, though each has a completely unique soundworld, created through use of interactive electronics, pedal effects, and in one case, just a great big wall of amplifier feedback.

Don’t let those very un-classical elements fool you. These are nuanced, classically-influenced pieces written by some of the best young composers writing today, including Adrian Knight, Ryan Brown, and Samuel Adams. From the most delicate, intimate sounds an electric guitar can make (Bon Voyage, Study for Mobius), to the biggest, Big Bangin’est, this music is an exploration of the scope of the universe.


Works to be performed on the “Dark Matter” program include:

Samuel Adams, Study for Mobius (2013)
Nick Vasallo, Dark Matter (2010/2014)
Mario Godoy, Infinite Earths (2014)
Ryan Brown, Possible Relatives (2016)
Adrian Knight, Bon Voyage (2012)
Joseph Colombo, Initial Darkness (2014)