Berlin Counterpoint offers Foreign Lands: People. Music. Stories.

It is said that music is a language that begins where words stop. How might Jules Verne have sounded if he had replaced his words with scales? What worlds would Rimsky-Korsakov have taken us to, had his vehicle been a fantasy novel instead of a piano quintet? Where pieces are no longer just language and representations, but also evoke complex structures, intimate autobiographies and creeds – this is where our repertoire feels most at home.

The first four compositions of this program try to reveal the true soul of the Russian people. Centered around a deep belief in beauty, they tell of passion, humor and the joy of life. In these three large-scale works, Glinka, Rimsky-Korsakov and Paul Juon give us a glimpse into their most beautiful and glorified images of Russia.

The program is framed by two arrangements that are characteristic of our repertoire, transforming a large orchestral sound into a transparent, virtuosic and, above all, flexible body of sound. The phrasing of melodies and the shaping of the sounds becomes an irresistibly captivating game for both the musicians and the listeners.


Works on the Foreign Lands: People. Music. Stories program include:

Isaak Dunajewski, Overture to “The Children of Captain Grant” arr. Vladimir Genin

Mikhail Glinka, Trio Pathétique

Allegro moderato
Scherzo. Vivacissimo
Allegro con spirito

Paul Juon, Divertimento Op. 51

Intermezzo I. Moderato
Fantasia. Andante
Intermezzo II. Tempo di minuetto
Rondino. Allegro assai

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Piano Quintet

Allegro con brio
Rondo. Allegretto

Leonard Bernstein, On The Town – Three Dance Episodes arr. Aaron Dan

The Great Lover
Lonely Town
Times Square