About the “Fractal” program, Hannah Lash says, “As a harpist, I have struggled a great deal with the fact that my instrument’s solo repertoire is limited. The harp has not yet been fortunate enough to have a major composer advocate for it and develop and expand its voice. I have dropped nearly all the standard solo harp music from my own repertoire in favor of music written for piano. But there is one piece that was written for harp which I will always love, and that piece is Fauré’s Une Châtelaine en sa tour. I decided that because my position in rejecting all harp music except for this one piece is so dramatic, I wanted to compose a large-scale piece formed by a set of ideas inspired by those ideas in Fauré’s piece. I wanted to evoke something like a set of variations, where Une Châtelaine en sa tour would serve as a theme, and my own variations would then grow from it.” The program is performed without breaks.


Works to be performed on the “Fractal” program include:

Fauré, Une Châtelaine en sa tour, Op 110
Hannah Lash, Fractal (2015-16)