As an ensemble who ONLY play commissioned music that pushes the boundaries of its players and their instruments, the concepts of “comfort,” “home,” and “ease” may seem anathematic to Mobius Trio. Everything is relative, however, and the Mobians were happy to put together this program of music that “feels like home.”

These pieces are their home base for a variety of reasons – Kindergarten feels deeply pleasing to play because it was composed by their mentor, Sergio Assad, and written with their specific personalities in mind. Brendon Randall-Myers’s frenetic, slightly insane Making Good Choices feels like home because it just took so much dang rehearsal time to get right in the first place. Mobius’ first ever concert saw them premiere works by San Francisco Conservatory classmates Paul Psarras and Anthony Porter. Anef Oron is the Trio’s second collaboration with Psarras, and Porter’s needle-play makes a return to the Trio’s repertoire. Sadly the group was not able to attend school with Maurice Ravel, but they did receive an outstanding arrangement of the second movement of his String Quartet from composer Winton White. Belinda Reynolds’s Edges evokes the rock guitar that the trio grew up admiring.

After more than six years of Mobius Trio, the group will finally include a piece from one of its own. Robert Nance’s Plexus utilizes the Trio’s outstanding interplay. Every piece on this program holds an extra special place in the hearts of Mobius Trio, and they are proud to let you into their “home.”


Works to be performed on the “Home Base” program include:

Robert Nance, Plexus (2015)
Paul Psarras, Anef Oron (2015)
Belinda Reynolds, Edges (2013)
Maurice Ravel, String Quartet in F Major, ii. Assez vif (1903)
Brendon Randall-Myers, Making Good Choices (2011)
Anthony Porter, needle-play (2010)
Sergio Assad, Kindergarten (2014)