This program offers an adrenalized exploration of dance themed duet compositions by five distinctly American voices of the 20th and 21st centuries—George Gershwin, Allen Shawn, Samuel Barber, John Corigliano, and Paul Schoenfield. The pieces featured on MOSH PIT encompass a wide range of evocative dance styles and rhythms; from Gershwin’s driving rhumba-rhythms in Cuban Overture to Barber’s sensuous Hesitation Tango to Paul Schoenfield’s dizzying Boogie from Five Days from the Life of a Manic Depressive. An album with the same title was released by Sono Luminus in 2013.

Drawing inspiration from classical, modern, jazz and rock and roll forms, the MOSH PIT repertoire and ZOFO’s inspired interpretations might tempt you to the dance floor.

Works on the “Mosh Pit” program include:
George Gershwin, Cuban Overture
John Corigliano, Gazebo Dances
Allen Shawn, Three Dance Portraits
Samuel Barber, Souvenirs, Op. 28
Paul Schoenfield, Five Days from the Life of a Manic Depressive