The “Out of Dust” program by Rachel Lee Priday explores how a handful of leading contemporary composers with distinct backgrounds chooses to re-imagine an extremely traditional format—the duo for violin and keyboard. From its Baroque origins as a trio-sonata consisting of three equal voices to its Romantic incarnation as a solo instrument with quasi-orchestral accompaniment, a wide range of approaches is available. From the vantage point of time, the works on this program are informed by a looking back at what remains. They seek to bridge the gap of timbre, dynamics, and articulation that separates the two instruments. While utilizing the strengths of the piano and violin individually, the composers on this program also succeed in weaving a musical fabric of violin and piano together as a “hyper-instrument,” speaking with one voice.


Works to be performed on the “Out of Dust” program include:

Ryan Francis, Sillage
Matthew Aucoin, Celan Fragments
Christopher Cerrone, TBD (new commission)
Marcos Balter, Re: No Subject
Sean Shepherd, Dust
Michael Brown, Echoes of Byzantium