This program explores the dynamic process of active listening and cultivation of empathy,  centering around a new work by American composer and jazz violinist Evan Price. Fluent in many musical languages, Price challenges the performer and listener to participate in a real-time dialogue that engages both in the search for understanding and acceptance.

Dmitri Shostakovich was a master of synthesis, juxtaposing various musical traditions while subversively attacking a regime of persecution. His second piano trio is one of the most deeply affecting of his works, incorporating Jewish folk music in a way that gives voice to the victims that could no longer speak, a musical witness to the tragedy of war.

Brahms’ warmly optimistic Trio in C major op.87 imagines the view of another culture in a different way. While no less deeply felt, Brahms’ writing in the Hungarian style in the second movement affirms his lifelong admiration for the music of gypsy folk tradition, combining the economy of compositional means with soaring melodies and good humor.

Evan Price, Forthcoming Commissioned Work
Dmitri Shostakovich, Piano Trio No. 2 in E Minor, Op. 67
Johannes Brahms, Piano Trio No. 2 in C Major, Op. 87