Jenny Q Chai‘s adventurous “Piano Steampunk 2.2” is the evolution of her quest to use music as a story-telling device, merging electronics and artificial intelligence to create a rarified world in which science fiction romances are spoken through music. Each piece in the program can be heard as another chapter or scene from a speculative fiction: the anachronistic piano, now merged with singing, shouting, electronics, videos, and even artificial intelligence, becomes a powerful futuristic cyborg.Throughout the program, Chai will share narrative insights into the repertoire and the musical journey with the audience.


Works to be performed on the “Piano Steampunk 2.2” program include:

Debussy, La cathédrale engloutie (The Sunken Cathedral)
Marco Stroppa, selections from Miniature Estrose
Louis-Claude Daquin, Le coucou
Cole Ingraham, Between Realities
John Cage, The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs
Cage, Nowth Upon Nacht
Frederic Rzewski, Kreutzer Sonata
Victoria Jordanova, Prayer
Cindy Cox, Études
Jarosław Kapuściński, Juicy
Richard Sussman, Spirit Guide