This program is a journey through the rich gamut of sound captured by five distinct composers from distant parts of the world. Based on the Indian view of the four seasons, John Cage’s String Quartet in Four Parts conveys tranquility and the experience of the nine permanent emotions of the Rasa aesthetic. Chaya Czernowin’s visceral, wild String Quartet is a rollercoaster-ride of extreme emotions and blasting energy. Toshio Hosokawa’s quartet Silent Flowers is a testament to his compositional aesthetic, influenced decisively by his relationship to nature; as he says, “I have always wished to compose works which might become part of the sounds of nature, the sound of the cosmos.” The exquisite and virtuosic Figura II Frammento per Quartetto D’Archi by Matthias Pintscher showcases the composer’s extensive knowledge of extended techniques and sonorities for string instruments. Bold and expressive, Chang Music IV by Yanov Yanovsky instantly teleports the listener to Central Asia through the use of imaginative tone shaping and percussive effects.


Works to be performed on the “Planet Sound” program include:

Chaya Czernowin, String Quartet
Matthias Pintscher, Figura II Frammento per Quartetto D’Archi
John Cage, String Quartet in Four Parts
Toshio Hosokawa, Silent Flowers
Yanov Yanovsky, Chang Music IV