Aaron Gervais’s Prescription Drug Nation is an evening-length work, originally composed as music for dance in collaboration with Here Now Dance Collective. A stunning musical work with or without its accompanying dance, the work consists of six musical portraits of the effects of being on some of the most commonly overprescribed and/or abused prescription drugs – Adderall, Ambien, Xanax, Prozac, Vicodin, and Viagra.

With each, Gervais is “trying to give an immersive perspective, something that will be familiar and emotionally poignant to anyone who has been on these drugs, but without any specific interpretation or ‘judgment.’ There is no ‘moral lesson’ or anything like that.”

Composed for a constantly rotating ensemble of classical, steel-string, and electric guitars, all played by the three members of Mobius Trio, Prescription Drug Nation is a musical tour de force, juxtaposing the obsessive, maniacal energy of Adderall with the sleepy, blissed-out lethargy of Ambien and sheer drive of Viagra. There is absolutely nothing like this in New Music, or any other type of music – a must hear.


Works to be performed on the “Prescription Drug Nation” program include:

Aaron Gervais, Prescription Drug Nation (2015)