An enduring exercise for the artist and craftsman, Salvaged calls upon materials to be reused, repurposed, and re-explored. Akropolis presents music repurposed from earlier genres and concepts, and pieces made up of objects from disparate parts. Featuring a re-imagination of Jean-Philippe Rameau’s harpsichord suite, “Le Rappel des Oiseaux”, the program also features modern works comprised of various genres, mediums, and influences, from heavy metal to Gregorian chant. In presenting “Salvaged”, Akropolis itself embodies a work of art, a collage of materials collected and re-purposed into the dense, but distinct reed quintet sound.


Works on the “Salvaged” program include:

J.P. Rameau, Suite “Le Rappel des Oiseaux” (1724)
Nico Muhly, Look for Me (2015)
Jacob TV, Jesus is Coming (2003)
David Biedenbender, Refraction (2015)
Marc Mellits, Splinter (2014)