Exploring musical, social, and abstract concepts of space between music, musicians, and audience members, Akropolis Reed Quintet developed its third album concept around four works it commissioned from 2014-15 and one previously completed reed quintet work from 2003. The Space Between Us contains various sound universes, each the object of a composer whose musical creation connects musical instruments, concepts, and people. As if refracting light, Akropolis absorbs each soundscape and re-transmits it through the ensemble’s vast, yet unified array of colors, sound devices, and interpretive possibilities.


Works to be performed on “The Space Between Us” program include:

Rob Deemer, Gallimaufry (2015)
Jacob TV, Jesus is Coming (2003)
Gregory Wanamaker, The Space Between Us (2016)
David Biedenbender, Refraction (2015)
John Steinmetz, Sorrow and Celebration (2015)