The Akropolis Reed Quintet presents These American Stories, a narrative program of influential music from the last century of American history. Each work tells its story from a different perspective, at a unique moment of realization or imagination. As America has come of age over the past hundred years, so too has its music, and through it all maintained a uniquely American vocabulary. American music has always had a way of telling its story, and Akropolis has collected and arranged works which reflect the journey to prosperity, both through America’s stories and its collective conscience.


Works on “These American Stories” include:

Charles Ives, Variations on America (1891) arr. Ryan Reynolds
Charles Ives, “The Alcotts” from Piano Sonata No. 2 (1915) arr. Ryan Reynolds
George Gershwin, An American in Paris (1928) arr. Raaf Hekkema
Greg Wanamaker, Elegy (2002)
John Steinmetz, Sorrow and Celebration for reed quintet and audience (2015)
Duke Ellington, The Neo-Hip-Hot Kiddies Communities (1970) arr. Raaf Hekkema