In its continually evolving “Under the Influence” program, Akropolis directly compares sets of music from different generations. For this installment, they have chosen the music Jean-Philippe Rameau, George Gershwin, Marc Mellits, and David Biedenbender to comprise a Baroque suite and modern miniature pairing, followed by two works separated by nearly a century, connected by popular sounds of their time. Through these compositional and aesthetic progressions, Akropolis also explores their own influences as a reed quintet, now performing in their 8th season, as they build their ensemble’s repertoire and re-visit their personal and collective inspirations by which they have forged their genre-bending identity.


Works to be performed on the “Under the Influence” program include:

Jean-Philippe Rameau, Selections from Suite in E Minor “Le Rappel des Oiseaux” (1724) arr. Raaf Hekkema
Marc Mellits, Splinter (2014)
David Biedenbender, Refraction (2015)
George Gershwin, An American in Paris (1928) arr. Raaf Hekkema