Ever since the days of Brahms and Joachim, composers and performers have been partners and collaborators in bringing musical works to life. In this program, Francesca Anderegg joins this tradition by performing the music of her friends and colleagues. All written within the last several years, these works demonstrate the dazzling range of talent of young American composers.

Ryan Francis’s Remix is based on electronic dance music. On the Road by Clint Needham is inspired by a signature image of American composition: the open road, brimming with optimism and possibility. Ted Hearne’s piece Nobody’s incorporates the tradition of clogging in old-time Appalachian fiddle music, and mixes this idea with extended techniques and the noise of electronic effects. Hannah Lash’s Adjoining, commissioned by Anderegg for this project, is post-Romantic: it is filled with harmonic ambiguity and searches for a resolution that remains always out of reach. Finally, Reinaldo Moya’s Imagined Archipelagos fuses minimalist gestures with the fast, revolving rhythms and fluidity of Venezuelan folk music. “Wild Cities” surveys the landscape of American music with these five pieces, and takes the audience on a musical journey to new, fantastic places.

“Wild Cities” is also an acclaimed album from New Focus Recordings.


Works to be performed on the “Wild Cities” program include:

Ryan Anthony Francis, Remix (2004)
Clint Needham, On the Road (2013)
Hannah Lash, Adjoining (2015) (commissioned for this project)
Ted Hearne, Nobody’s (2010)
Reinaldo Moya, Imagined Archipelagos (2012)
With pianist Brent Funderburk.


“…lustrous tone…surprises at every turn…”

-The Strad

“Francesca Anderegg’s Wild Cities is haunted by the American dream, a dream of perpetual travel on an endless open road. Anderegg’s playing is crisp and eloquent, adapting seamlessly to the diverse natures of the five pieces. The album has no clear peak, just a beginning and an ending that feels more like a “to be continued” than an end. Somehow, it feels right that way.”

-Zoë Madonna, Q2 Music (Album of the Week)

“As a sense of disarray and fragmentation mounts in the world of contemporary music, Francesca Anderegg’s Wild Cities delivers a refreshingly optimistic sense of the future, full of adventure and possibility.”

-Maggie Molloy, Second Inversion (Album of the Week)

“Exciting, kinetic…the composers were different, but all of them demonstrated not only their mastery of technique, but mastery of five diverse inspirations. The music was like a dream of another era, a sudden waking up, and back to sleep again.”

 -Harry Rolnick, ConcertoNet

“It’s a rare and magical thing to hear great musicians playing great music in a great space, but that’s exactly what audiences were treated to…Geometric shapes zig-zagged across the stage backdrop, suggesting a context for new musical ideas.”

 -Nick Stubblefield, Feast of Music