ZOFORBIT takes the listener on a voyage through outer space. Estonian composer Urmas Sisask sets the mood with otherworldly sounds, featuring innovative inside-piano techniques that evoke a sense of the cosmos. The short movements of his Spiral Symphony serve as a sonic spaceship to transport us from one planet or star to another. Starting on Mars, the Bringer of War, the journey continues to tour Gustav Holst’s The Planets and pays visits to the stars Alpha Centauri and Beta Cygni as musically envisioned by George Crumb in his one-piano-four-hands masterpiece Celestial Mechanics. David Lang’s Gravity gives the impression of falling without ever landing. Before taking off for infinity we alight on a planet for the last time—Venus, the Bringer of Peace.

ZOFORBIT was also released in 2014 by the record label Sono Luminus.

Works on the “ZOFORBIT” program include:

Urmas Sisask, Intertwined Spirals, Spiral Symphony

Gustav Holst, Mars, the Bringer of War, The Planets

Urmas Sisask, The Peace of Rod-Spirals, Spiral Symphony

Gustav Holst, Mercury, the Winged Messenger, The Planets

George Crumb, Beta Cygni, Celestial Mechanics

Urmas Sisask, The Sleeping Beauty, Restless Spirals, Spiral Symphony

Gustav Holst, Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity, The Planets

Urmas Sisask, Broken Spirals, Spiral Symphony

George Crumb, Alpha Centauri, Celestial Mechanics

David Lang, Gravity

Gustav Holst, Uranus, the Magician, The Planets

Urmas Sisask, The Disorder of Spirals, Spiral Symphony

Gustav Holst, Venus, the Bringer of Peace, The Planets

Urmas Sisask, The Spiral Final, Spiral Symphony