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Tour of Brazil

Imagem do Brasil

violin, piano, multimedia

American violinist Francesca Anderegg and Brazilian pianist Erika Ribeiro offer a dazzling performance with a series of images, both photographic and musical, which capture impressions of life in Brazil.

Project Description

Francesca Anderegg, American violinist, and Brazilian pianist Erika Ribeiro met in 2015 during a concert tour of Brazil. Their collaborations have continued in both countries, and in their latest project, they have partnered with Brazilian NY-based photographer Aline Müller to collect impressions of this geographically, musically and culturally diverse country. Müller’s compelling portraits offer glimpses into the life and character of Brazilian people, and Ribeiro and Anderegg have selected an array of musical works that, although breathtakingly varied in style and character, capture similar impressions of this vast country. Their repertoire includes folk-influenced pieces from northeastern Brazil, character pieces by Villa-Lobos, music influenced by bossa nova and the "third stream", a classical sonata inhabited by chôro rhythms, and Anderegg/Ribeiro’s own arrangements of songs by Brazilian jazz musician and composer Lea Freire.

In Imagem do Brasil, each audio selection will be accompanied by a photo that provides context and a visual focal point for the music. The audience will encounter Brazilian culture through this multi-sensory album experience.


Works on the “Imagem do Brasil” program include:

César Guerra-Peixe (1914-1993), Três peças para violino e piano
Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959), O Martírio dos Insetos
Lea Freire (b. 1957), Three pieces: Brincando com Theo, Mamulengo and Kopenhagen
Edmundo Villani-Cortes (b. 1930), Águas Claras
Radamés Gnattali (1906-1988), Flor da Noite
Camargo Guarnieri (1907-1993), Violin Sonata No. 4

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